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Safety and Environmental consultancy  based in the UK

If you are looking for a safety and environmental consultancy that provides its services across the UK, get in touch with RMT Associates Ltd.

Company profile

At RMT Associates Ltd, we are a small, highly knowledgeable consultancy working in the area of safety, quality and environmental management.

The company director, Bob Thomas, has a background in excess of 25 years within the chemical industry where he had responsibility for production, quality, engineering, maintenance, safety and the environment.

At RMT Associates Ltd we use this knowledge and background to help clients from all businesses and industries achieve measurable improvements in their company's performance in safety, quality and environmental areas. Very often these improvements come with a financial or business benefit.

Environmental consultant

We can provide specialist safety, quality and environmental consultancy for your business such as:

  • Design and implementation of a recognised safety, quality or environmental management system
  • Provision of part-time safety, quality or environmental management
  • Provision of safety, quality or environmental services to meet your requirements
UK building

We serve across the UK

At RMT Associates Ltd we are a small company based in  Northumberland and as such we are in a position to provide rapid response at a reasonable cost.

We can be your point of contact for safety, quality or environmental advice or provide you with  a part-time management solution to help your company move forward and comply with current regulation.

We can also help you with discussions with the regulatory authorities. (HSE, EA and local authorities) 
If you're looking for help with safety, environment or quality , call us  today; we might be able to help!
01670 790 504
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