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RMT Associates Ltd has an extensive background in working with companies that are in high hazard industries. These companies tend to be involved in aspects of production, engineering, safety and environment. What we do is help these companies manage unusual or unfortunate situations such as shutdowns and accident investigations and ensure that the chances of any  future accidents or incidents are significantly reduced.

We assist companies to comply with their safety, environmental and quality requirements. We can help with a wide variety of different safety matters, including policies, procedures, risk assessments, accident investigation, discussions with regulatory authorities, training and more.

RMT Associates Ltd also use our knowledge to help smaller companies who may not be operating within the high hazard areas with their safety, environmental and quality requirements.

RMT Associates Safety


We design safe systems for you and your company to follow, providing you with policies and operating procedures to suit you and supply you with risk assessments that give you a direction for improvement and financial benefit. We also offer full training to you and your staff in these areas.

RMT Associates Management Systems

Management Systems

We design, implement and manage environmental, quality and safety management systems under ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards. We ca also arrange certification for you and provide ongoing support through auditing to ensure that you remain in compliance within  the standard.

RMT Associates Health and Safety Consultancy Advisor

Health and safety advisor

If you need professional assistance or guidance with safety matters within your company on either a permanent or ongoing basis, contact us today and let us help your business avoid that accident or incident that companies dread. We can also guide you through the minefield of safety legislation and ensure that your company complies. A safe workplace is a happy workplace. Don’t have that costly accident or incident.

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